Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) unveils its latest radiating cable development. The new RADIAFLEX cable series RAYT provides superior electrical performance in 2.4GHz – 2.5GHz, serves the needs of state-of-the-art wireless communications systems, especially in the railway sector, and significantly reduces costs.

"We have optimised this RADIAFLEX cable for specific single-band applications, such as track-to-train and signalling radio in railway communications operating at 2.4GHz – 2.5GHz, as well as for WiFi based services in this unlicensed ISM band," says global product line director for Wireless Indoor Solutions at RFS Dr Peter Raabe.

"The RAYT series is the best fit RF coverage contouring product, ensuring lowest signal variations, thus enabling applications with the highest data throughput (bandwidth) demands in wireless digital transmission," adds Raabe.

The new RAYT158-50A features the lowest system loss for long radiating cable runs combined with the lowest total cost of solution. Plus, the RADIAFLEX cable offers low coupling loss variations with very smooth spatial coverage. This makes it an ideal solution for a variety of in-tunnel applications in the 2.4GHz-2.5GHz band.

As well as all other RADIAFLEX-cable types, the RAYT158-50A functions as the distributed antenna to provide communications in confined areas. Slots in the copper outer conductor allow a controlled portion of the internal RF-energy to be radiated into the surrounding environment. A signal transmitted near the cable couples into the slots and carries it along the cable length.

The RAYT158-50A helps minimise the amount of base stations and amplifiers needed in a system design, meaning that costs can be cut to a minimum.

"At the same time performance can be not only maintained, but increased," concludes Peter Raabe.