Quintiq, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimisation (SCP&O) platform, announced today that it will provide its optimisation platform to DB Schenker Rail AG, a leader in rail freight transport, to integrate its rail network across Europe. Quintiq will work with IT consultants Ab Ovo and DB Schenker Rail’s in-house IT department to implement the platform, increasing profitability as well as lowering costs and wastage.

DB Schenker Rail operates one of the largest freight car and locomotive fleets in Europe, with 5,300 freight trains running daily and covering 100 billion metric ton-kilometers annually. To manage the need for large-scale efficiency improvement, Quintiq’s platform will be deployed across the organization to solve intricate rail freight planning puzzles, including managing driver qualifications, processing traction knowledge and ensuring locomotive and track restrictions are adhered too.

Included in the terms of the deal is the creation of a support center for DB Schenker’s Quintiq solution. The center will be set up by DB Systel and staffed by DB Systel, Ab Ovo and Quintiq, which has agreed to make available its certified consultants for the joint enterprise.

"We chose Quintiq because they are able to deliver solutions configured to address all of our needs, empowering us to create a Europe-wide integrated operations network while reducing costs and improving customer service," said Oliver Barthel, chief information officer at DB Schenker Rail GmbH.

"DB Schenker Rail has used Quintiq for several years across its Netherland, German and Danish networks, and have had positive experiences and excellent results. We are excited to extend our relationship with Quintiq for the duration of this project."

"We are proud to continue working with DB Schenker Rail, an industry leader in transportation and logistics," said Arjen Heeres, chief operations officer at Quintiq. "DB Schenker Rail’s decision to partner with Quintiq is affirmation of our company’s expertise and ability to deliver an integrated planning platform to support the world’s largest and most complex planning puzzles."