KEYMILE is adding quantum cryptography solutions from ID Quantique, worldwide leader in quantum-safe encryption solutions from Switzerland, to its product range for mission-critical communications networks. This move underscores KEYMILE’s strategic positioning as a leading supplier of highly secure mission-critical systems for local authorities, railway companies and power utilities.

In the framework of a sales-partnership agreement with ID Quantique, KEYMILE can offer encryption solutions with immediate effect. This has allowed KEYMILE to expand its product portfolio for communications networks to meet all core requirements. These requirements include maximum fail-safe operation, robust and secured access- and data-transmission systems, simultaneous operation of TDM- and packet-based services, as well as strong encryption to provide extra security for the data streams. Consequently, KEYMILE is also furthering its strategy of focusing on mission-critical communications networks belonging to local authorities, railway companies, power utilities and operators of oil- and gas-pipelines.

ID Quantique develops sophisticated encryption solutions to ensure secure data networks by using conventional and quantum cryptography. Quantum key distribution (QKD), based on quantum physics, is an essential component of the solutions. In contrast to conventional methods for exchanging encryption keys such as public key cryptography, QKD offers maximum protection from attempts to decrypt data in transit using brute force. The reason is that, through the fundamental laws of quantum physics, any attempt to read the key without authorisation will alter it irrevocably. This is a basic principle of quantum physics.

As a result, any attempt to spy on the encrypted data is uncovered immediately. KEYMILE offers three ID Quantique products for resale in mission-critical communications networks. The first is the multi-link encryptor Centauris CN8000 which supports encrypted bandwidth of up to 10 x 10Gbps in layer 2 networks. The second is the sophisticated ethernet and fibre-channel-centauris-link encryptor family. The Centauris products are certified based on the international security standards’ common criteria EAL4+ and FIPS PUB 140-2 level 3. The third product is the Cerberis QKD server.

In addition to expanding its product portfolio, KEYMILE is setting up a cyber security competence centre which supports operators of mission-critical communications networks in defining and implementing a cyber-security strategy. In conjunction with certified partners, KEYMILE is offering an in-depth service portfolio that includes advisory, planning, implementation and operational elements, as well as in-depth product and technology training courses.

"The fact that quantum computing will render current cryptographic solutions vulnerable is now widely acknowledged," says Grégoire Ribordy, CEO of ID Quantique. "By making the move to offer quantum-safe cryptographic solutions, KEYMILE demonstrates its deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges and its commitment to long-term security."

"ID Quantique’s quantum cryptography products ideally complement our own mission-critical systems strategy," comments Axel Föry, CEO of KEYMILE. "We are now in a position to offer operators of mission-critical communications networks a wide portfolio of solutions and services which they can harness to boost the availability and security of their infrastructure significantly once again."