GDS E-Ink information display sign

The information display solution, developed as the result of a partnership between GDS and E-Ink can be seen in Milan at UITP World Congress and Exhibition 2015.

This large screen digital signage solution, GDS’ e-Tela, uses E Ink® technology to open up a whole new spectrum of performance options previously not thought possible.

The display system is a solar-powered display system that can be installed both as a way-finder and as a timetable, in railway and bus stations. Two updated versions of the fully-outdoor capable e-Tela displays are now available; one monochrome and one with full colour, that both combine the minimum power consumption to the greatest outdoor readability.

This innovative solution derives from an optical component of a film used in Electronic Paper Displays, commonly referred to as ‘bistable’, which means that the image is retained even when all power sources are removed.

Consequently the display only consumes power when the content changes. The display system does not require any cables, either for the transmission of data or for the power supply, being equipped with a Wi-Fi system and a built-in solar panel.

The product will made its Italian debut at UITP in Milan, from 8th to 10th June, hosted at Pluservice’s stand. Pluservice is a software house devoted to the development of innovative management applications for the Passenger Transport sector, such as the product myCicero, a multichannel and interoperable platform that goes with the development of a SMART territory.

Within myCicero it is possible not only to find information about the territory its points of interest, but also to know the most convenient transport modes to reach such locations.

Discover ‘e-Tela’ at Pluservice’s stand (booth #4K240), where GDS will be pleased to show this latest green turn-key solution for the transportation industry.