Prover Technology, a leading supplier of rail control development software, has announced the release of Prover iLock 4.0.

Prover iLock is a leading tool suite for development of railway interlocking systems, supporting configuration, formal verification, simulation and code generation. Prover iLock supports a multitude of computerised target platforms, as well as relay-based systems based on schematic drawings.

Prover iLock version 4.0 contains major upgrades in the verifier and simulator modules. In addition to verifying that the interlocking logic fulfils its safety specification and functional test specification, it is now possible to use these modules interactively to debug or confirm the functionality of the interlocking logic. This is achieved by adding graphical feedbacks and commands from the verifier and simulator modules to visualise and control point positions, signal aspects, route locks and more.

Using this feature, the signalling engineer can investigate the interlocking logic with visual confirmation that it behaves as expected. FAT testing can therefore be significantly reduced.

Prover iLock has been used in a wide range of interlocking system projects. It is currently being used in projects for Canadian Pacific Railway, Stockholm Metro, New York City Transit and others.

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