Prover Technology has announced Prover Online, an online environment for integrated tool chains that perform formal verification of safety.

For many years, Prover Technology has provided best-in-class tools for development and safety assessment of rail control systems based on formal verification. The company has helped clients to specify generic safety requirements and has supplied integrated tool chains that automate safety assessment of individual systems.

Prover Technology can now offer an even more accessible and versatile environment hosted on high-performance hardware servers – Prover Online. By using Prover Online, it becomes easier to standardise on the use of formal verification-based safety assessment across distributed engineering teams, the work efficiency becomes improved and the IT support cost is reduced.

Prover Online will initially be available under time-based licensing of the software products Prover Extractor, for relay-based system development, and Prover Certifier, for sign-off safety verification based on approved safety specifications.