PROCECO celebrated its 40th anniversary with a gathering of more than 100 employees and business partners at its headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

In a congratulatory speech, PROCECO CEO Helmut Schauer said: "PROCECO has enjoyed success these past 40 years due to our corporate culture of continuous innovation. We have accomplished this by constantly expanding our product line with new designs, and integrating new technologies into our systems with the goal of improving efficiency and functionality.

"PROCECO was incorporated in 1975 and for the first 15 years the company successfully targeted the railroad industry as its primary market, building machines to wash dirt and grease from locomotive engines and components."

As the company grew, its level of export sales also rose. PROCECO’s successes in maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency, and in obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 1995, were due not only to the vision and drive of the company’s founders, but also to the effort and skill of its employees.

Today, as the market leader in its category, PROCECO’s expertise is called upon to clean a wide range of components from many industries. Customers who partner with PROCECO work with a team of seasoned experts.

PROCECO offers an unmatched level of experience as single-source specialists in parts cleaning, surface treatment, high-pressure water-jet deburring, and slurry blasting systems.

Always looking for innovation to offer a complete solution to its customer, the company recently introduced a new wastewater treatment system to complement its offering. The new Éco-Smart® mechanical vapor-recompression evaporator helps customers to recycle up to 98% of their industrial process water, and significantly reduce the environmental impact of surface finishing.

As PROCECO moves forward into the next century, its outstanding reputation for engineering, functionalism, workmanship, and service will yield even greater success in the future.