Powernet’s well known ADC9000 series design platform covers power supplies, converters and battery chargers from 500W-3,200W with rail approvals according to EN50155. The latest branch of the family, the DDC8600-series DC/DC converters are now available for the general market.

The ADC9000 series has been co-developed mainly with key accounts in the rail industry, but the products also attracts users in demanding industrial applications including marine and military.

The new DDC8600 series fan cooled converters features a compact design (W 224mm * H 76mm * D 286 mm), weighs only 2kg, has an impressive cold start ability down to -50°C, normal ambient temperature range is -40°C to 55°C. The first three members of the series are 110VDC/24VDC, 36VDC/24VDC and 24VDC/24VDC. Our flexible product platforms allows for project specific designs on request.

"The DDC8600-series DC/DC converters are robust, compact and modern. We see a broad interest towards this 1kW converter family in the rail market and other markets with similar tough requirements. Products are available for both specific project needs and the occasional installation, deliveries are on-going," says Harry Lilja, VP sales and marketing at Powernet Oy.