The ADC9000 rail-approved auxiliary power family has grown with several new members. At Innotrans 2014, Powernet will show new modules (both DC/DC and AC/DC) in the range of 500W-3000W, as well as the MSR9800 system solutions based on the use of multiple ADC9000 power modules.

The ADC9000 family now offers a complete solution for rolling stock manufacturers. Its new modules form the basis for Powernet’s products, such as the 500W DC/DC, 1,000W DC/DC and 1,500W AC/DC, DC/DC, as well as 3,000W AC/DC and DC/DC.

Units are offered as battery chargers, converters or power supplies. By combining several AD9000 units in a MSR8000 system solution, the power range can be configured from 6kW to 36kW with the possibility for n+1 redundancy inbuilt.
"We have come a long way since the early 2000s, when we built the first 80W DC/DC converters for communication systems in rolling stock," says Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet.

"Today, the ADC9000 series offers a broad portfolio of modules for auxiliary power supply needs in the range of 500W-3000W. New for Innotrans is the MSR9800 system solution with integrated battery management system and CAN bus connectivity. We look forward to a busy week at Innotrans and invite all existing and new customers to visit us!"

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