Powernet’s new ADC9000 series design platform covers power supplies and battery chargers from 500-3200W with rail approvals according to EN50155. Final products will be optimised in co-operation with our customers. This is a perfect combination of the latest design knowledge and the individual needs of each customer.

Introducing the rail approved ADC9000 3kW power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers. Powernet now boasts a state-of-the-art product programme and design platform to serve the European rail industry. Following the recently introduced ADC9000 500W battery charger, the 3kW units now offers very compact, light-weight and efficient solutions for higher power range auxiliary power supply needs.

Powernet has started shipping ADC9000 3,2kW 3*400VAC/110VDC and 3,2kW 3*400VAC/24VDC battery chargers, as well as 3,0kW 110VDC/24VDC converters to European customers during the 1H2012. Additionally 3,2kW AC/DC and 3,0kW DC/DC versions for different voltages will be developed for ongoing projects.

AC/DC power supplies for rail applications will typically need 230VAC input and 24/36/48/72 or 110V output, depending, among other things, on the battery voltages used. Higher power ranges, such as 6kW-12kW will be supported by connecting several base units in parallel.

A train will accelerate and de-accelerate for up to 40 years in service, the light weight, compact ADC9000 3kW series brings welcomed space savings, as well as significant savings in energy over its lifetime to the train manufacturers and operators.

"Thanks to our flexible design platforms Powernet has the ability to develop customer-optimised products in a few months," comments Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.