The Powernet ADC5000 power supply series recently passed a significant milestone when the 350,000th power supply, a celebratory version of the product, was delivered to Australian customer MPower. MPower has been using the ADC5000 series for several years, in control systems of railway crossings.

Development work on the Powernet ADC5000 series began towards the end of 1990s. The goal was the introduction of a highly reliable, versatile and future-oriented power supply.

The first models in the series, with an output of 250W, were released in 1998, followed by the 125W and 60W models. The ADC5000 was one of the first power supplies on the market to introduce a temperature-compensated battery charging function as a standard, along with built-in output series diodes.

Thanks to these features, use of the ADC5000 is particularly popular in applications with requirements for a redundant system structure, as well as in battery charging systems supplementing the actual power input.

Over the years, the ADC5000 has gained the status of a workhorse, particularly in demanding applications, with areas of application ranging from wind power to process automation systems, and from telecom applications to a host of devices in industrial use.

Of the 350,000 units delivered to date, the majority are still in operation. The expected life of an ADC5000 device is from 15 to 20 years, depending on the conditions and area of application.

The ADC5000 has gained the confidence of customers worldwide due to its high reliability. Its mean time between failures (MTBF) value, calculated by Powernet Oy Service, is higher than three million hours.

Over the last few years, the excellent reputation of the ADC5000 series has been augmented by the introduction of the dedicated robust (R) models. The R models’ features include circuit boards treated with a protective coating, for added reliability in applications that expose the device to grime and excessive vibration.

Now that the ADC5000 has attained a healthy middle age, its growing pains are over and it has gained a sizable base of installed products. Encouraged by positive experiences, Powernet’s customers are displaying renewed confidence in the company’s products by selecting new members of the ADC5000 product family. As a result of the confidence it inspires, the ADC5000 series is highly successful and will probably remain in production well into the 2020s.