Rail and wheel wear is a cost-intensive problem of all railway operators. With the new TRACKSAFELUBE the Goldschmidt Thermit Group is able to offer a product that reduces the rail and wheel wear up to 80% and noise up to 20db.

The newly developed TRACKSAFELUBE is the intelligent solution for automating the lubrication of outer rails on winding railway lines. The special lubrication system of TRACKSAFELUBE allows it to continuously dose the same amount of lubricant. An intelligent control unit precisely doses the amount of grease to ensure economical operation.

The principle of operation is smart and easy: The signaling unit mounted on the outer rail of curved track sections sends – once activated by the wheels passing above – an impulse to the control unit upon each passing. The control unit operates a grease pump and the lubrication bars providing excellent grease distribution to the required lubrication point.

A solar panel charges a high capacity 12V battery which ensures up to 60 days operation time even in cloudy weather. The individual fine setting of the control unit, for example the required grease dosage and wheel selection, allows a perfect match to the customer needs – for main lines as well as tram lines.


  • Reduces rail and wheel wear by up to 80%
  • Reduces noise up to 20db
  • Economical operation and grease dosage due to intelligent control unit
  • Energy saving – works with solar panel
  • Suitable for most rail types – main lines and tram lines
  • Compact size – for urban and country-side deployment
  • Fast and easy installation


  • Equal grease portion at every lubrication point
  • Lubrication over the whole circumference of the wheel
  • Operated by solar panel or every supply voltage (110V – 400V)
  • Various grease reservoir capacity, for all requirements (4l -16l)
  • Low level grease signaling
  • Optional: telemetry, vandal and theft proof cabinet

We offer product, installation service and maintenance.