Polyrack tech group

Polyrack is showcasing its heavy-duty rack-mount and desktop applications as well as Panel PCs for the railway industry at the forthcoming RailTEX 2015 trade fair.

At the trade fair RailTEX (12-14 May, Birmingham), the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP will be presenting their electronic enclosures and Panel PCs for HMI/MMI applications at booth R44, together with Cannon Technologies.

All products on display have been specifically designed and developed for the requirements of the traffic and railway industries.

One of the highlights of the trade fair will be the introduction of the broad family of Panel PCs for HMI / MMI applications in the various areas around railway technologies.

The new PanelPC2 will be presented in Great Britain for the first time, equipped with a capacitive touchscreen and many options for expansion. It withstands even harsh conditions in railway applications.

The 19" subrack series FerroRAIL is one of the latest results for proven custom-applicable electronic packaging.

The subrack was developed for use in the operation of trains, reflecting the strict demands of the French railway SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) and the associated standards according to NF EN 50155, NF EN 61373, NF F 67-012, NF F 60-002, NF F 60-005, NF F 16-101/102c lass F1, I2.

The CasTEC enclosure series represents high resistant boxes for rough environments. The die-cast construction provides the required rigidity, already recognising increased IP protection, while offering EMI shielding at the same time.

LES-DB standards of the German and French railways are covered by the subrack family FUTURE. Various configurations pending on the individual requirements can be matched and realised by an extensive range of individual standard items.

The trade fair RailTEX has established itself as an international market showcase and offers the POLYRACK TECH-GROUP the professional platform for the introduction of specialist products, supplying the traffic and railway market with innovative solutions.