In the area of microcomputer packaging systems, POLYRACK Systemtechnik is expanding its comprehensive programme with the future-proof standard VPX. New system solutions and backplanes for this demanding market segment have been integrated into the group’s portfolio. Customers can choose between standardised ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and highly specific constructions.

VPX was designed especially for high-end applications, as required for example in defence technology. However, in order to provide a wide base for the new standard, the technology was defined by ANSII right from the start as OpenVPX. This, together with the high transmission rates in conjunction with enhanced I/O connections, gives reason to anticipate versatile chassis and system solutions.

The typical advantages of 19" technology, such as for instance robust and reliable-contact male-female connectors, will be joined by additional features such as ruggedised and conduction-cooled constructions. Whereas ruggedised and conduction-cooled is primarily aimed at COTS applications (commercial off the shelf), the 19" technology, which has been tried and tested innumerable times in countless applications and opens up additional high-end solutions beyond this specific area of application. POLYRACK offers knowledgeable advisory services on this topic.