This primary switched DC / DC converters series PMDS / PCMDS30 of MTM Power is especially designed as decentralised power supply for railway vehicles and industrial applications.

These converters operate according to the current source push-pull principle and working with a frequency of 70kHz / 140 kHz. Advantages of this switching topology are the wide input voltages with constant efficiency, transformer with good coupling and low leakage inductance, at the same time usable for direct control of the secondary synchronously detection.

The PMDS / PCMDS30 cover an input voltage of 14.4VDC-154 VDC with only two different nominal voltages (24VDC, 110VDC). They are available with an output voltage of 5.1VDC; 12VDC; 24VDC or 48VDC with 30W. The converters need no ground load and are short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limitation.

Further features are reverse polarity protection in connection with an active input current limiting. Depending on the application the converters are available either for print (110mm x 80mm x 27.5mm) or chassis mounting (110mm x 80mm x 25.5 mm).

The converters are maintenance-free, vacuum encapsulated, prepared for the use in devices with Protection Class II. They show a mechanically and electrically rugged design using SMD-technology and undergo an automatic piece-by-piece test.