Advanced Sensors Calibration (ASC) has announced the introduction of a new family of low-cost, rugged piezoelectric accelerometers, the P311A series, designed for vibration monitoring in industrial environments.

“The launch of the P311A series resonates with ASC’s vision to become a preferred partner for vibration sensing based out of Germany. The low-cost and rugged P311A series of industrial-grade piezoelectric accelerometers will complement ASC’s existing portfolio of general purpose, high-temperature and miniature grade piezoelectric accelerometers,” says Renate Bay, Managing Partner of ASC.

Available in two versions, the ASC P311A15 features a side-exit two-pin MIL-C-5015 connector and the ASC P311A25 features a top-exit MIL connector. The accelerometers are integrated electronics piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors and can be used over a wide frequency range from 0.2Hz to 10kHz.

The sensors operate over a constant-current supply and use a two-wire coaxial cable for power input and signal output. ASC P311A15 and P311A25 are made of piezoelectric crystals and feature a rugged stainless steel housing that is corrosion-proof and chemical-resistant.

The sensors operate in a wide temperature range from -55°C to 140°C, are environmentally sealed to IP68 and can withstand shocks up to 5,000g. The standard versions have a measuring range of ±80g and a nominal sensitivity of 100mV/g.

The sensors feature a 0.25in, -28UNF female mounting thread. M6 / M8 / M10 metric adapters are available for flexibility in mounting. Apart from the industry standard ±80g, the sensors are available in two different ranges, ±32g and ±160g. The user can choose from a selection of polyurethane, silicon or braided ETFE mating cables.

ASC’s P311A series is intended for industrial condition monitoring and structural health monitoring applications. With its rugged construction and accuracy over a wide operating temperature range, ASC’s P311A series is ideal for use in railway engineering, wind turbines gearbox monitoring, rotating machinery monitoring, steel mills, the paper and pulp industry and food processing industry, among others.