Pickersgill Electroplating Ltd’s powder coating expertise is being put to the test in some of the toughest industrial environments in the world and is passing with flying colours, according to a leading structural fabricator.

Pontefract-based subcontractor DSK Engineering Ltd is praising the part played by fellow Yorkshire company, Pickersgills, for the success of a range of protective products it manufactures, which not only have to withstand extreme temperatures but also endure the rough treatment and mishandling that can occur to the items in transit, distribution centres and warehouses.

We pre-treat and powder coat different-shaped and sized items made by DSK, and it’s the attention to detail as well as excellent customer service, that makes it stand out from the crowd and ensures the long-standing relationship between the two companies.

DSK’s development manager, Tris Allison, said: "Pickersgills powder coats a variety of products including steel tool boxes destined for Russia, that have to withstand extreme temperatures, ‘goal posts’ to protect warehouse structures from fork lift trucks and high visibility bollards to guide HGVs into parking bays. They always do an excellent job."