OEM has an extensive lab set up dedicated to the R&D department to design and create outstanding products for the rail industry world wide and our PC1 and programmable HVAC controllers are some of our most successful products to date.

The PC3 series programmable controller can be configured with the PM3002 processor module to provide a 10/100 Mbps wired ethernet interface (via M12 connector) as well as an 802.11 b/g wi-fi interface.

The powerful PC3 wi-fi interface allows a master PC3 controller to communicate with up to sixteen slave PC3 controllers using a secure 802.11 b/g private network. The 802.11 private network can also be configured to allow maintenance personnel, equipped with suitably configured tablet PC’s or smartphones to monitor and control the train subsystem status.

With appropriate security permissions, the PM3002can also connect to an on-train wi-fi access point to provide secure data to a remote shore based server. When combined with the existing PC3 suite of EN50155 compliant I/O and communications modules, the PC3

Controller with WiFi connectivity is the perfect railway automation solution for:

  • Subsystem control and monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Condition monitoring
  • Train refurbishment programmes where new cabling is impossible

"We wanted to make our PC3controllers accessible by a wireless interface so creating WiFi connectivity and software for handheld tablets and smart phones was the next step. It is perfect for refurbishments where there is no power or infrastructure to allow a hardwired connection."