TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced RFID solutions for long range identification in access control, asset management and rail applications, has announced that 7iD Technologies GmbH, a strategic partner to TagMaster based in Austria, has ordered the delivery of 45 new TagMaster UHF XT-3 readers for an installation in Europe.

The contract covers the supply of both readers as well as a number of external antennas, which will be delivered during the coming quarter in 2011.

The project will use the TagMaster XT-3 RFID reader, which is an EPC Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) compliant UHF reader with built in antenna. The XT-3 also has the capacity to handle an optional external antenna in sites where this is of advantage. The reader is easy and quick to install with support for standardised mounting brackets. The XT-3 reader is characterised by the high quality and reliability associated with TagMaster’s RFID products.

The new reader opens up a number of new segments in the market for tracking vehicles in various types of installations. 7iD Technologies are a company with a long experience in large scale installations for demanding applications and add value using their powerful middleware software designed according to the EPCIS standard. This middleware supports a standardized and powerful integration with a range of well known business systems in the market.

"7iD Technologies has built up an extensive experience and know-how being selected as the supplier of solutions for various vehicle tracking solutions – both rail bound and other. TagMaster’s long range RFID products add value with its integrated antenna and powerful intelligence that fits well with the 7iD technology," says Gerhard Gangl, CEO, 7iD Technologies.