PantoInspect A/S is now offering an Eye Safe version of our fully automated pantograph monitoring system. Many customers have asked for an Eye Safe version for applications in public areas.

The PantoSystem works with two types of lasers; laser rangers and line lasers.

A new type of laser ranger was classified as Eye Safe in November 2015. Since December 2015, PantoInspect A/S has joined a partnership with the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Photonics Engineering regarding an Eye Safe classification of our line laser.

With this partnership, PantoInspect A/S is now able to offer an Eye Safe version of our PantoSystem.

Once again, the Copenhagen based company proofs its technical leadership in the active monitoring of pantographs with laser technology.

The PantoSystem is a real-time wayside train monitoring system (WTMS) for pantograph monitoring. It uses advanced sensors and laser equipment to provide detailed digital images during train passages – at train speeds up to 180km/h.

Lasers light up the carbon strip on the train pantograph revealing cracks and other damages that ultimately may tear down the overhead wire. The carbon strip thickness and uplift is also measured.

Lasers are used to achieve a high resolution of damage measurements, and is one of the main reasons for the success of the fully automated PantoSystem.

The two types of lasers work in different ways:

  • The laser rangers measure the distance to the pantograph head, in order to achieve a very precise pantograph detection
  • The line lasers project laser light on top of the carbon strip to improve the accuracy of the automated damage analysis

For more information, contact Image House PantoInspect.