The PantoSystem provides a very high level of automated measurement accuracy on open tracks, and we continue to invent ways to improve the consistency and accuracy of our measurements.

This accuracy is in large parts dependent on a correct camera calibration.

Until recently, it has been necessary to do static calibration with a track possession if the individual PantoScanner accuracy needed to be verified.

Now we have developed a new procedure allowing a dynamic auto calibration that can be performed on request at any time.

This auto calibration will eliminate the long possession time that a calibration usually will require. The auto calibration is performed from a remote location without the need for a site visit.

The auto calibration is based on a detailed modelling of pantographs. We have developed this modelling based on our large library of pantograph design in combination with more advanced algorithms for identification of the carbon strip shape.

Using the data which is collected at every single pass of a pantograph we can use mathematical techniques specially developed for this purpose to evaluate and improve measurement accuracy.

The auto calibration will be part of our service after the upcoming version 2.0 of our PantoSystem software.