WEH TW 152 connectors with venting bores

When filling with medical oxygen, extremely exacting demands are made in safety, tightness and cleanliness of components.

WEH connectors from the KVT-Fastening product range offer a large number of devices for filling, evacuating and transporting gas and oxygen cylinders, all of which comply with these criteria.

In the course of continued product optimisation, the WEH TW 152 connector is now fitted with a further safety feature, venting bores in the sliding-grip sleeve. If an accidental gas leakage occurs from the valve, these vent the oxygen laterally from the sliding sleeve, thus minimising the risk of spontaneous ignition.

Due to its small, compact design, the TW 152 is especially suitable for gas cylinders fitted with pressure regulator valve and protector cap. Thanks to their simplicity of operation, the adapters simply plug over the external cylinder valve and the sliding sleeve is pushed forwards, oxygen cylinders are filled efficiently and safely. The split collet design locks securely onto the standard thread of the cylinder valve and the pressure-tight connection is made.

The TW 152 quick connector is available with in-line or 90in medium feed and can be connected to cylinder valves with residual pressure valve.


  • A secure connection – the sliding sleeve locks under pressure
  • Connected in seconds – reduced connection times
  • Improved efficiency allied to reduced costs
  • Convenient to operate – saves the operator’s joints
  • Safety-tested – spontaneous combustion of oxygen and extensive pressure and endurance tests
  • Optimum cleanliness – free of oil and grease by oxygen cleaning