As part of its strategic evolution, Kouvolan Rautatie ja Aikuiskoulutus Oy (KRAO a railway training centre in Finland) requested a brand-new simulation room in Kouvola.

The latter, called ‘NewSimu2020’, will include six Nano and six Compact Simulators, an instructor station and observation facilities to train Finnish drivers for the Siemens Vectron Sr3 train and for ERTMS.

The Compacts have been designed with interchangeable driving desks which will first be dedicated to Siemens trains. KRAO will be able to switch to any type of train in the future.

The simulators will incorporate an extremely accurate train model as well as 30 faults / malfunctions defined in collaboration with KRAO.

They will also include 106km of realistic tracks for ERTMS level 1, which will be editable by KRAO thanks to intuitive and quick solutions: The Track Editor Tool and the Signal Editor Tool.

While the Track Editor Tool enables our customers to create and edit their own rail network, the Signal Editor Tool allows them to design signals and update the signaling system of their networks.

The training centre will benefit from a significant autonomy regarding its network management.