m2 railgroup has developed an evolutionary process of growth focusing on the guiding principles established since the company’s foundation, including equality, impartiality, efficiency and effectiveness.

The work and all the operations of m2 are characterised by the centrality of every single individual, the focus on the customer’s needs, at the forefront of technology, the ongoing staff training and constant monitoring of the quality of the service provided.

By operating with different companies in different countries (Turkey, Algeria, UAE, Poland, South America and others), we discovered a ‘general lack’ of expert technicians on the machines. Furthermore, we worked on various machines that presented many technical problems, probably due to a wrong maintenance activity, or what is worse, due to no maintenance activities.

Technical problems on the machines mean a stop in productivity and more costs to the owner. If the crew can not solve them, a technical intervention is needed and that implies a longer production stop.

m2 focused on the development of a service that increases the productivity and reduces the repair and maintenance costs to the owner. The On-Board Service was born.