WEGH Group

WEGH Group, announce today the acquisition of OLMI Sleeper Technology line of business from Alfa Laval OLMI expanding their total know-how, thus positioning on the market as the major global leading provider of solutions for the manufacturing of the railway concrete sleepers and turnout bearers.

OLMI Sleeper Technology and SICI represent two excellences in the field: the first one in the carousel process and the second one in the long-line process.

Thanks to the synergy of these two historical brands, WEGH Group acquires an international leadership with 97 plants installed and referenced in different environmental and social sectors, such as Italy, Russia, Mozambico, Germany, Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Poland, Perù, Iran, Malaysia, India and Boliva.

The acquisition of Olmi Sleeper Technology and the consolidated technology from SICI complete WEGH’s experience and expertise as a manufacturer of railway sleepers to grant our customers a continuous product and process improvement, and ensures dedicated assistance both in terms of quality and quantity of sleepers, as well as in terms of expected return of investments.