Olaf Philipp

There has been a staff change at ContiTech Air Spring Systems: Olaf Philipp has assumed management of the ContiTech Railway Engineering segment and will run the rail vehicle business with air springs and metal-rubber parts worldwide.

As head of operations, he was previously responsible for production and quality across the international locations and headed the Hamburg-Harburg location. He was in charge of Air Spring Systems operations in China for a period of six years until 2010. „The strengths of ContiTech Railway Engineering clearly lie in our superior expertise and international presence," notes Philipp, would like to continue moving forward in the matter of internationalisation and strengthen our global locations with greater expertise and local engineering capacities. We will likewise retain our locations in Hamburg and Hanover and continue investing in them."

Philipp succeeds Friedrich Hoppmann, who had been head of the ContiTech Railway Engineering segment since 1994. Hoppmann has taken his retirement after a total of 36 years at the Continental Corporation.