Nomad Digital and primary Austrian rail operator ÖBB have formed a ten-year framework partnership, which will see Nomad Digital provide fully-integrated enhanced passenger solutions for the majority of the ÖBB train fleet and post buses.

The initial phase of the strategic agreement includes the deployment of improved Passenger Wi-Fi, portal, and multi-media services on the entire ÖBB Railjet fleet of 51 trains, plus nine brand new multi-country trains which serve Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

With a central focus on integrated passenger services that improve the overall passenger experience, ÖBB’s partnership with Nomad Digital will introduce new on-board technology services for up to 900 ÖBB trains, as well as 2,000 buses, marking the world’s largest on-board connectivity deployment for two modes of transport, within one partnership agreement.

Nomad Digital will provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution, including the design, integration, and deployment of multiple on-board connected passenger services that cover information, entertainment and high-speed broadband Wi-Fi performance for passengers. Working closely with the OBB team, Nomad Digital will also establish a strong regional presence to support both the delivery and the ongoing management of all services delivered as part of the agreement.

Nomad Digital CEO Andrew Taylor said, "We are excited about establishing and signing this extensive and long-term agreement between Nomad Digital and ÖBB, which is strategic in nature and will focus on delivering innovative passenger services, which will enhance the overall journey experience of OBB’s passengers."

Nomad’s world-leading open connectivity and multi-media OBIS platform will create the foundation for the delivery of future ÖBB passenger and operational services, enabling the transport operator to take full advantage of multiple on-board and off-board solutions, to continually improve passenger experiences, as well as improving the reliability and efficiency of its operations.

As part of the agreement, Nomad Digital and OBB plan to establish an innovation hub for the joint development of advanced passenger and fleet-based applications and services.

As part of a fully integrated passenger solution deployment, Nomad Digital will provide an advanced multi-media enabled portal platform for passengers, giving ÖBB customers direct access to timely journey and service information, on-demand multi-media content and entertainment, including multiple live TV channels from local broadcasters delivered through the train’s on-board platform – a world first for on-board train technology.

Christoph Schmutz, chief information officer at ÖBB Personenverkehr, said, "ÖBB is delighted to be working with Nomad Digital, which is the best partner to meet the challenges of delivering innovative on-board services to our passengers.

"We are confident Nomad Digital’s solutions will help to significantly enhance the passenger experience, delivering our customers an optimal digital experience and ensuring that our passengers get the most out of their journey."

As part of this agreement, Nomad Digital will establish a local office presence in Vienna, with a plan to invest heavily in local delivery and customer management resources, which will strengthen Nomad Digital’s presence in the DACH marketplace as well as its relationships with new and existing customers locally.