International pneumatic motion and fluid control technology provider Norgren has unveiled a brand new range of circuit breaker solenoid valves, providing the rail industry with advanced direct-acting, fast-response valve solutions for use on electric rail vehicles.

The VR24Z range of 3/2 way solenoid operated poppet valves is suitable for compressed air systems that require a dedicated valve and cylinder to engage and disengage an electrical connector. Typical installations of this kind include cam shaft connectors, line breaker connectors, vacuum and air blast circuit breakers and shoe gear controls.

Developed specifically for the rail industry, the VR24Z range delivers engineering advantage through exceptional reliability and safety credentials, and has been designed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. Functioning in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C, the circuit breaker solenoid valves have also been shock and vibration tested to EN61373 category one, class a and b. The valve is suitable for retrofit as well as OE installation and is available with a short lead time.

Protected by a robust and lightweight aluminium housing, the valves come with customisable flange mountings for fixing holes and air connections, making installation both flexible and straightforward. For easier maintenance, the valves are available with a manual override feature, which allows the solenoid valves to be shifted when the coil force is not available due to loss of power or coil failure.

Norgren rail global sector head Mark Wrigley said: "Our new range of circuit breaker solenoid valves is based on proven Norgren technology, putting years of experience and expertise behind the product. Engineered to meet the challenging demands of the rail industry, we are confident that the VR24Z valves will become a benchmark for direct acting, fast response valves in compressed air systems."

The VR24Z circuit breaker solenoid valves have an operating pressure of up to 10bar (145PSI), and are designed for systems generating flow of up to 340l/min. The valves are available in 24VDC, 36VDC, 72VDC and 110VDC variations.