Norgren, an international market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, is once again delivering an ‘engineering advantage’ through a new high-flow precision pantograph regulator designed to cope with the ever changing needs of the global rail sector.

As manufacturers develop faster trains, pantograph systems are required to work harder to maintain a constant contact force with the overhead wires. Norgren has developed the LR27H as an accurate, highly responsive, modular regulator able to operate in the most demanding environments.

The new LR27H draws on the features and benefits of Norgren’s acclaimed R27 range, which itself has many years of pantograph history, combined with customer input and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) technology that was employed extensively in the development phase to maximise the flow characteristics and quick exhaust function across all temperature ranges.

It delivers key benefits including increased flow rate, resulting in improved response time, along with high levels of precision and accuracy during pressure regulation. Improved mounting options and a high-flow relief port have now also been incorporated.

The regulator’s locking function has also been enhanced to offer increased strength and reduced pressure variation, while the bonnet gland material is now in stainless steel, with the tested breakage torque increased from 14Nm to 37Nm.

Mark Wrigley, sector head of rail at Norgren, commented, "In rail, the pantograph regulator is an essential tool to keep a constant pressure and force between the overhead wires and the train, as heights and speeds vary. At the heart of the pantograph, with its high flow, rapid response, quick exhaust option and low air consumption, the LR27H delivers premium performance on high speed trains requiring a high precision actuation and control solution, resulting in less arcing and less wear. We have developed the technology so it can operate within a wide temperature range, from -40oC to +85 oC, making it suitable for use in all regions of the world.

"The LR27H offers flexibility with manual and air pilot options, in both sub-base and inline versions, allowing the customer to utilise the same improved precision regulator technology for different pantograph applications and different methods of regulator integration. The new modular design also enables rapid installation and servicing."