Norgren, the international market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, has launched a new range of durable and efficient latching cylinders for the rail sector. Able to positively lock a cylinder in the ‘in stroke’ or ‘out stroke’ position, these compact, modular products will safely and securely hold loads in place in the event of air pressure loss or failure.

Traditionally, one actuator has been required to move the load with at least one more device required to lock the load in place, meaning a number of control valves were necessary. However, the new Norgren latching cylinders for the first time require only a single control valve to fulfil all these functions.

For the new technology, Norgren has applied its engineering advantage to reduce the overall number of components used, space, weight and installation time, while making maintenance easier too.

Products are available which are compatible with Norgren’s NFPA, 1000 and ISO/VDMA 8000 series, available in sizes including 5in, 6in, 32mm, 40mm, 125mm and 200mm.

Mark Wrigley, Norgren’s sector head for rail, explained, "Our offering of latching cylinders is based on a wealth of experience and expertise. We have worked closely with our customers to understand their needs, resulting in products being developed in different bore sizes for a range of applications. By creating tailor-made solutions for individual customers, we know that our products will guarantee improved speed, productivity, reliability and efficiency.

"With our ISO RA/8000 series we can integrate the latching system into a specially modified end cap without altering the envelope dimensions, so it can be used with other ISO/VDMA cylinders. The latch also has a knob or threaded shaft to unlock the cylinder as a manual override, if required. We also offer fittings, tubing, control valves, air preparation equipment and complete control panels."