Chela, the international business, has launched a new pack for its well tried and tested liquid graffiti remover Eraze, now in wipe format. The pre-wetted ERAZE GRAFFITI WIPE removes paint and leather dye from a number of surfaces, including plastic, paint, powder coating, glass and metal.

The low odour, non-hazardous product does not contain aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated solvents and has passed compatibility assessments for use on most surfaces. ERAZE GRAFFITI WIPE is even safe to use on polycarbonate and acrylic.

ERAZE GRAFFITI WIPES will allow customers to easily remove graffiti from a number of surfaces without hassle. The 20 wipes per pack is ideal for turnaround cleaning, allowing for a swift and effective cleaning process in a fast paced environment. The small, convenient packaging can be carried around by the user as it easily fits in a utility belt pouch, or it can even be stored in glove compartments in vehicles.

Chela provides a wide range of rail cleaning solutions which can be used across rolling stock, depot and station environments, including a selection of graffiti removal products in liquid, gel and wipe form.

Part of the Fisher Darville Group of companies, Chela was first established in 1988 and is now based in Enfield. Chela specialises in industrial cleaning solutions for a number of industries, such as rail, bus, fleet, silicone & polymer removal and more.