8-port ethernet switch

The NM30 is a managed 8-port ethernet switch that belongs to the MEN family of extremely rugged compact network devices, which come in Box PC format, and offer a variety of configuration options for different applications.

Equipped with a wide range power supply, class two and designed for an operating temperature between -40°C and 85°C, the NM30 is also compliant to EN 50155. Important switch protocols e. g. Quality of Service (QoS) are included.

Robust, redundant and including QoS for Rail, Road and Industry

Especially designed for use in harsh environments and developed for reliable operation in an extended temperature range of -40 to 70°C (85°C for ten minutes, according with Tx) the managed ethernet switch, NM30 also features eight robust M12 connectors on the front.

These are available as either 100Mb or 1Gb ethernet interfaces, and with or without Power over Ethernet Plus functionality (PoE+).
The IP40 protection and the conduction cooled aluminum enclosure allow fanless and maintenance-free operation of the switch. All electrical components inside the switch are soldered to resist shock, and are protected against dust and humidity through conformal coating.

An integrated wide range power supply with protection class S2 offers a voltage range of 14.4VDC to 154VDC. In addition, a voltage range of 24 to 110 VDC is supported – this makes the switch conform to EN 50155 for railway and ISO 7637-2 for E-Mark certification in automotive applications.

Important protocols, in particular Quality of Service (QoS), are included.