Optical sensor technology provider NextSense presents the CALIPRI non-contact measurement device for the accurate recording and quick analysis of rail and switch profiles at the IAF 2013 exhibition in Münster.

NextSense Marketing Manager Christoph Böhm said "CALIPRI meets the requirements of the rail industry for cost-reducing measurement solutions without time-consuming post-processing of results."

"The portable measurement system allows measurements of accuracy unknown up to now, thus providing a unique basis for decision-making for the maintenance of rails and switches."

Geometry data of standard-gauge tracks and tram tracks can be checked with CALIPRI just as with mechanical gauges. In contrast to other methods, CALIPRI delivers measurement results free of operator influences by dint of non-contact profile recording. The versatile, precise and easy-to-use optical measurement device can be deployed for the individual examination of rails and switches, as well as for the measurement of both lines of a track in a shared reference coordinate system.

The highlights of CALIPRI include:

  • Faultless recording; reproducible measurement result free of operator influences:

The contact-free mode of operation of CALIPRI delivers measurement values that are significantly more reliable and better reproducible in comparison to conventional measurement methods using contact. The measurement result is free of operator influences.

  • Overall cost reduction; modular concept with a maximum of adaptability:

The innovative measurement method by CALIPRI facilitates the recording of a wide range of profile shapes with one and the same measurement device. This feature makes possible a broad spectrum of applications and reduces purchase costs, calibration costs and training costs.

  • Unambiguous results; quick measurement results without the need of post-processing:

A manual alignment of the measured profile with a nominal profile is not necessary with CALIPRI. As soon as the entire profile line of the measurement object has been recorded, the data is evaluated, the resulting measurement values are shown on the CALIPRI display and reports are generated.

For more information, please contact NextSense.