HUBER+SUHNER’s new white paper about on-train fibre optic connectivity explains that fibre optic applications in trains are already a reality today.

While there is still a slight measure of scepticism in the sector with regard to the reliability of fibre optics on board trains, the white paper explains why the use of this technology no longer represents a problem in railway vehicles.

Applications such as on-board Internet, communication-based train control and passenger information or entertainment systems require the reliable transmission of ever greater data volumes in trains. For this purpose, Ethernet-based networks are being installed in trains.

Within these complex networks, fibre optic connectivity guarantees maximum transmission rates. The particular challenges presented by fibre optic connectivity within trains and the requirements placed upon the connectors, cables and cable systems as a result are described in the new white paper. The white paper was drafted by Eric Louis-Marie, railway market manager of HUBER+SUHNER’s fibre optic division.

The white paper is available as an iPaper in English on the HUBER+SUHNER website.