A new visual system for Lander

At Lander Simulation & Training Solutions, we are continuing to work on graphics to ensure that our simulators offer the best possible quality.

In this regard, one of our in-house development teams has been working on a new visual system that will enable new simulators to provide a more realistic and immersive experience.

After a period of researching, analysing and testing current graphic engines, we have developed a new visual which does not compromise any of the previous functionality and brings a range of new features:

  • It ensures a frame-rate of 60Hz in full HD. This means we can guarantee a smooth, continuous simulation experience that does not cause dizziness
  • Dynamic shadowing
  • Multiple light points calculated in real-time, which light up night-time scenarios without hindering performance
  • The number of pedestrians and passengers has been increased, and the animation is more realistic
  • Improved internal tools for detecting errors and analysing performance
  • New atmospheric effects: more realistic effects, new systems for particles, reflections and glare. Improved appearance of drops on the windscreen, frosted glass, etc.

At the moment, the new visual system is currently in the final stages of the testing and quality process, after which it shall become the new standard. From there, it shall be applied in production so that new projects can benefit from the advantages listed above.

In any event, improvements are being made all the time and we are continuing to work on in-house projects related to visuals. The Lander R&D teams are working to come up with new user tools to generate scenarios, as well as analysing adaptation to new graphic quality standards such as physically based rendering.

We’ll look at these developments in more detail in future articles.

For more information, please contact Lander.