Amberg Tamping

The new tamping survey system for the construction and maintenance of ballast tracks expands the Amberg system portfolio to include a unique "track sprinter".

Exceptional track surveying performance with up to 2,500mph and cost savings of over 80% as compared to the traditional sighting method are now possible!

Using the reliable long chord method which has already proven its practicability in the Amberg Tamping VMS 3000, the inner track geometry and the absolute position are determined in a single operation. Correction data are available in real-time.

The combination of tacheometry and automatic tripod allow fully automatic control point surveying without user interaction. In combination with the field-proven two-trolley mode, this allows maximum accuracy and enormous surveying performance to be achieved.

For shorter measuring sections, such as turnouts, multi-track sections or for projects with brief track access windows, the total station can be placed on a tripod and the system can be operated in the so-called tripod mode.

The ability to expand from one to two completely independent individual systems rounds out the multifaceted application possibilities of this system perfectly.

For more than 30 years Amberg Technologies has been one of the leading suppliers of specialised system solutions for the geo-referenced acquisition and processing of infrastructure construction data.

Thanks to profound knowledge and a consistent focus on the area of infrastructure development, especially railway construction and tunnelling, the system solutions and services offered by Amberg Technologies AG are highly respected worldwide.

Photo: Amberg Tamping VMS 1000 in the two-trolley mode: left, the GRP 1000 surveying trolley with prism and notebook, in the centre, the GRP TSC+ surveying trolley with total station and automatic tripod, right, prism on a gantry support Image: courtesy of Amberg Technologies AG