C.A.T.E.R is pleased to announce the appointment of Marcus Spironello as international sales and marketing manager to its Rail Inspection Division.

Mr Spironello brings with him a wealth of experience in the rail industry, mainly in Brazil. He has familiarity with a variety of rail maintenance equipment. His work in South America with VALE, MRS, Holland LP, and IRT (Monash) ensures a strong understanding of the complex instruments and systems provided to maintain rail and track integrity.

His presence at C.A.T.E.R gives depth to the discussion, development and management of a raft of projects handled by C.A.T.E.R. In particular, his knowledge and experience of NDT practices and the use of both pedestrian and vehicle based rail inspection systems is a significant advantage in providing bespoke solutions.

His previous representation of C.A.T.E.R products and existing relationships with customers has enabled his immediate integration into this leading instrument developer and service provider.

Marcus will be in attendance at the NT EXPO (Business on Rails) in Sao Paulo at the beginning of November and at AusRAIL in Melbourne at the end of November.