Asset management hardware and software solutions provider Lat-Lon released the new PC Query Application. As the first generation desktop application, Query App is an entirely new point of access to data adding to the existing web-based and mobile applications. The Query App enables users to run complex, multiple conditioned searches with dramatically faster processing.

Query App downloads messages to your PC based on unit ID’s, message types, and time. Visually, this could be illustrated as a three-dimensional block of data, whereas in the past, only two-dimensional data searches were available (for example on unit across time). Example: Which units in a fleet experienced an impact sufficient for damage while traveling less than 10mph during the last week? All data can filtered, sorted and columns added/hidden after messages are retrieved.

Query App is an application downloaded to a PC. As such, it avoids the inefficiencies and limitations of a Web Browser. The Query App speed is boosted by running locally on your PC and accessing the Lat-Lon database over the Internet. Speed is also a result of harnessing the power of new secure off-site servers. Charting, images, dashboards, and more new features will be released in waves, with simple updates automatically prompted by the individual PC. Query App will also automatically update as newer versions are released.

Lat-Lon hardware provides a wealth of location based information. Units can report on up to 63 conditions with additional functionality in development. Units have the option to report as frequently as every minute and have built in intelligence knowing whether they are stopped or moving.

Factoring in a fleet of units, Query App enables users to sort through all of this information with multiple conditions in a variety of forms to extract trends and chart a better picture. Query permits Lat-Lon users another tool to extract the bits of information to make operations more efficient.