Customers at over 130 Northern Rail stations are benefiting from real-time customer information screens (CIS) designed and manufactured by Infotec.

While many of the units provided to meet the order from Telent are standard Infotec platform displays, the majority were P1199-GT units, a new display design specifically created for Northern Rail to enable the provision of CIS at smaller or more remote stations.

The P1199 unit is a small, economical two-line LED display ideal for applications such as small railway stations and bus shelters.

This redevelopment offers cost savings and improved hardware integration.

The display has been developed with a standard set of lightweight brackets to allow mounting in a number of different configurations.

These brackets and the display simplify the necessity for costly site installations.

The unit can be configured with GPRS communications and integrated antenna for remote locations where only power is available.

Among Northern Rail stations benefitting are Batley, Denby Dale, Featherstone, Headingley, Morley Shepley, and Slaithwaite.

Northern Rail customer service director Natalie Loughborough said: "We listen carefully to our customers’ feedback and we know they value real-time travel information.

"The new CIS will keep people up-to-date with information about arrival and departure times, as well as station calling points along the route."

The P1199-GT units are now generally available from Infotec.

Infotec managing director Tim Court said: "We are often presented with the need to develop products to provide passenger information display solutions and are always happy to do so.

"Having our own team of software and hardware engineers and full test capabilities all in-house enables us to do this.

"We are delighted the P1199 has provided what Northern Rail wanted for its customers, and we are confident it will be useful to other clients in the future."