Maintenance Experts has been working quietly for the past year on a project running at their office in Brisbane, Australia.

Our research and development team have been hard at work creating a brand new version of MEX and FleetMEX written from the ground up and one that is completely browser based.

We call this Version 15. The creation of this product, which supersedes Version 12 and 14, is due to two main reasons:

  1. Allowing MEX / FleetMEX to run on any device
  2. To remove Microsoft Silverlight

The latter reason is due to the ever decreasing support for Silverlight on popular internet browsers and for this reason MEX has decided to make the shift away from Silverlight and future- proof our products.

With Version 15, MEX users will be able to run MEX / FleetMEX on any device. This includes tablets, smart phones, PC’s and Mac’s. Essentially any device that has a browser will be able to run the new version of MEX. This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, to name a few.

MEX Version 15 is being written in HTML5 and works with an SQL server database. This database is the same as that used in version 12 and 14 of MEX and version 5 and 6 of FleetMEX. Because of this, it will be possible to still work on the legacy systems of MEX and FleetMEX until users are comfortable with using the new version.

Existing products that currently work with MEX and FleetMEX products will work alongside the new version. This includes:

  • MEX V12 and V14
  • MEX Ops
  • FleetMEX V5 and V6
  • MEX iOS app for the iPad and iPhone

Existing interfaces with MEX to other systems should still work with no changes required. Existing custom reports should be able to be upgraded to the new version of MEX and FleetMEX.

The release date of this product is not until early next year and is currently entering into the testing phase. There are new additional features to MEX and FleetMEX but these will be made known upon the version 15’s release.