At Innotrans 2014 in Berlin, Germany, LUKAS will introduce a new rerailing system to the public. The new system offers a higher level of safety and is more ergonomic. The components are compact and lightweight. It makes the job of the user easier and safer and reduces the space required for transport, for example in a rail-road vehicle.

The thoughtfully designed LUKAS rerailing system has been the global leader for decades. It is a true quality product that helps you get derailed vehicles of all kinds back on track quickly, precisely and safely and gets your tracks back in service as soon as possible while minimising your downtime expenses.

The DUO traversing unit – the smart solution

Only with LUKAS, you can move a load over the entire bridge length in both directions with millimetre precision at a safe distance from the control desk, without the need for manual repositioning!
With separate oil flows, you can drive the lifting cylinders individually or synchronously as needed using identical hydraulic cylinders operated from the control desk. No more constant adjustments, now your job is simple and safe. For you that means working with top safety and convenience from outside the danger zone.

Smart and safe

LUKAS rerailing equipment features outstanding user-friendliness and well-designed technology, as demonstrated by its high level of user safety: you can operate the systems at a safe distance. This clever system takes no risks and counteracts unfavourable load distributions. A pressure gauge is assigned to every oil flow or to every lifting or traversing cylinder, making the operating pressure visible.

Strong and fast

Work with the internationally proven pressure of 530bar and a smart traversing system shortens procedures and saves valuable time.

Compact and light

All components are very compact thanks to their high operating pressure and lightweight design, so you have more space in your rail-road vehicle and can transport your rerailing equipment to its destination easily and set it up there effortlessly.

Top quality and versatility

LUKAS rerailing systems are developed and produced in Germany, so they meet the highest quality standards

System components:

  • Motor pump
  • Control desk
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • DUO traversing unit
  • Mechanical aids, including rerailing bridge, roller carriage and distance bars
  • Pulling unit
  • Long-stroke cylinders and accessories for uprighting overturned rail vehicles

For more information, please contact LUKAS.