Worldwide railway maintenance and construction company, Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation releases COMPASS, an innovative telematics solution designed to monitor location awareness, asset analysis, productivity management and maintenance tracking.

COMPASS, by Harsco, is advancing industrial communications (M2M) and asset awareness. Since January 2013, Harsco has been beta testing COMPASS with railroads in the United States.
COMPASS provides a graphical representation of machine activity with daily alerts for required maintenance, engine faults, and diagnostics. Using cellular or satellite communications, a machine’s condition and performance data are uploaded to a central location.

COMPASS can be installed on a variety of industrial equipment types and connects directly to the machine’s control system. In addition, industry specific applications and sensor kits provide even more advanced capabilities tailored to the machine’s specific needs.

Jim Resio, Harsco Rail’s Senior Director of Technology and Inspection, shared "We are confident that COMPASS will be viewed as an ideal solution for both rail and industrial mixed fleets. Our technical capabilities can help optimize the application to the company’s desired requirements."