In addition to tried-and-tested Ethernet functions, KEYMILE’s access and transmission platform, MileGate, continues to incorporate new cards to be able to offer comprehensive TDM data and voice services. These new units aim to be used primarily in dedicated networks belonging to railway companies, utility providers and public authorities.

KEYMILE, a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for communications solutions in access and transmission systems, is significantly expanding the TDM functionality of its IP-based MileGate platform. The range of interfaces for this flexible access and transmission platform has been extended to include additional voice, data, and transport functions for mission-critical communications networks.

MileGate provides native Ethernet and native TDM services, being the latter used predominantly in dedicated networks. Thanks to its hybrid Ethernet and TDM backplane, MileGate can supply legacy services such as analogue telephony, as well as synchronous and asynchronous TDM connections. Simultaneously, MileGate also has voice gateways (SIP and H.248) and a circuit emulation over packet (CEoP) gateway in order to transmit TDM data via an Ethernet backbone. The support of SDH transport interfaces and Ethernet-over-SDH (EoS) functions enable smooth transition from TDM to Ethernet. MileGate’s backplane provides 10GbE access per slot, which in conjunction to its modular switching matrix, allows operators of dedicated networks to flexibly extend MileGate with a variety of different Ethernet functions and interfaces (optical or electrical).

One of the new expansions is a flexible data interface card for synchronous and asynchronous data transmission. Per card, this provides four TDM data interfaces, flexibly configurable as either – V.11 / X.24, V.24 / V.28, RS-485 or V.35. Various protective and redundancy functions guarantee maximum availability of the services.

New voice-interface cards are tailor-made for telephony demands in dedicated networks. A POTS FxS card provides 16 analogue interfaces with extended voltage protection that can be matched with the new FxO interface card providing analogue trunks. A 2 / 4-wire voice card with E&M signalling can be used with voice frequency modems, or other 2 / 4 wire communication terminals. The E&M unit offers ample voice conference functions; per card, up to 32 conference participants can be connected in ten groups. The conference services are fully compatible with other telephony services, e.g. POTS / ISDN services in UMUX and MileGate.

The new and improved SDH STM-4 / STM-1 transmission interface provides the ability to transport TDM as well as Ethernet traffic over SDH. The EoS function embedded in the unit is accessible to users via the unit’s front Ethernet ports, as well as via any other Ethernet electrical or optical service units in MileGate.

The new cards are now available.

The access and transmission platform, MileGate, is a compact and robust system with a very high interface density. Together with the extended operating temperature range of -25°C to +60°C, MileGate is ideal for usage in dedicated network’s often harsh conditions, for example in outdoor housing.