Lat-Lon announces a new product, the compact tracking unit (CTU). A new smaller solar-powered tracking device, the CTU product is designed to fit in small spots, even in the grooves of a container or any other non-powered asset. The unit collects data, GPS and from additional optional sensors, to send from nearly any location, worldwide to secure servers with multiple points for data access in near real-time.

The CTU possesses many of the same capabilities of the larger solar-powered tracking unit (STU) commonly used by shippers around the globe. Both Lat-Lon tracking units incorporate lithium iron phosphate rechargeable cells delivering a long lifecycle product, averaging over seven years, but with reports as frequent as every ten minutes when moving.

The solar panels, energy storage and power circuitry are optimised for lower voltage allowing the CTU to operate the GPS module 24/7 under typical conditions for location and speed awareness. And in less-than-ideal conditions, these developments allow for up to five days of messages with no direct or indirect sunlight.

"We were able to quickly redesign our workhorse STU into a smaller form to meet the needs of one of our rail customers. We realized that the new smaller shape opens up new market opportunities and are excited about its potential," notes Lat-Lon president David Baker.

The CTU has been designed with the most recent firmware from STU with over 15 years of success. As with the STU, the CTU will continue Lat-Lon’s practice of supporting over-the-air firmware updates to improve performance and add features even after the equipment is deployed. With a secure website, desktop and mobile apps for Android and iOS, or direct software integration options, monitoring a fleet continues to get easier.