MTM Power has launched a new website design and catalogues showcasing its products and services.

As before, the new catalogues are bilingual (German / English) and have been adapted to the new corporate design which has been changed on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of MTM Power.

The product shortform introduces MTM Power products and services on 28 pages. The product groups of AC / DC modules, DC / DC converters, 19in power supplies, DIN rail power supplies, railway technologies and transformers have been revised, new products have been added and the most important information are shown clearly. An overview of various fields of application completes the new shortform.

Furthermore a new railway catalogue have been published with all MTM Power products for railway applications on the track side and rolling stock.

MTM Power adapted also its web presentation to the new design. The aim was to create a platform so that the user can be easily and comfortably informed about MTM Power and its products. The new website is available from now on and the visitor will be mainly convinced by the new responsive design and the site’s clarity.