Image House, an experienced Danish technology company, presents the PantoInspect pantograph monitoring surveillance system for monitoring train pantographs in motion at INNOTRANS 2012 on 18-21 September in Berlin.

The PantoInspect solution is absolutely unique, inspecting trains in motion, at high-speed rates and, at the same time, detecting not only the carbon strip itself but also horns, uplift pressure and more.

The technology will revolutionise the rail network as pantographs may now be replaced and repaired before any tearing down of the overhead power wiring occurs.

Divisional director at Rail Net Denmark, Vilhelm Mortensen, comments on their PantoInspect installation: "The system will reduce the number of delayed trains benefiting the passengers, lower maintenance costs benefiting Rail Net Denmark and reduce security risks benefiting everyone".

"The interest in PantoInspect abroad is considerable. Applying advanced technology to rail and road challenges are a strategic focus of Image House and we look forward to welcoming customers and partners at INNOTRANS," says Claus Hoelgaard Olsen, MD of Image House.

Facts about PantoInspect

The monitoring system, PantoInspect, uses advanced sensors and laser equipment to provide detailed digital images during train passages. Lasers light up the carbon strip on the train pantograph revealing cracks and other damage that ultimately may tear down the overhead wires. Pictures of damages identified are transferred to a main computer for further analysis and for action by the network surveillance personnel.