Alstom called upon our services to help them provide BDK (Denmark) with a computer-based simulator for ERTMS level 2.

Like the majority of European countries, Denmark adopted the ERTMS system on its railway network. To prepare thousands of Danish drivers and train them for the European system, particularly for ERTMS level 2, a specific simulation solution was required.

Since Alstom was taking care of the ERTMS installation on the Danish eastern Fjernbane network, the company also took in charge the delivery of a simulator to BDK. To do so, Alstom outsourced part of the software conception to our company.

Alstom Belgium took in charge the design of the train model behaviour, the ERTMS ground elements and the ERTMS DMI for the simulation.

As for Transurb, it was responsible for the 3D simulation of 100km of generic tracks, the representation of the signalling system and the creation of a TCP communication bridge. The latter was essential to link our 3D simulation with the Alstom train model and synchronise data.

The challenge was to adapt the software for any type of computer, laptop and similar hardware material. In this way, each driver can execute exercises planned by the instructor without requiring specific material.