The New Multi-touch Interactive Help Point from TDM

Trans Data Management is pleased to announce the release of their new Interactive Help Point with multi-touch capabilities. The new unit comes with a 15in screen, an integrated PC, Emergency and Information buttons, and an Audio Frequency Induction Loop System.

The interactive screen can be used to display: the Train Operating Company’s website and real-time passenger information, such as live departure times and details of delays; and it can also provide a journey planning function.

TDM’s General Manager, Paul Mead, commented "We are very excited about this launch. The unit was designed in consultation with London Underground, and uses the latest technology to provide the end user with a positive and useful experience. The multi-touch functionality of the unit employs the pinch to zoom and swipe actions that are familiar on today’s tablets and smart phones, and we believe that we are offering an excellent and highly useable product."

The new unit builds on the reliability and well proven success of TDM’s previous Interactive Help Point whilst using the latest edition of VoIP electronics to provide added functionality and scope.

Installation is simple and multiple options are available. Connectivity is possible via optical fibre or CAT5. By connecting over optical fibre, very long distances can be achieved, and existing fibre optic infrastructures can be utilised.

One of the most notable features of the new design is the option for data transfer via Wi-Fi. The unit can be installed with an industrial wireless access point that allows the Help Point to use the local wireless connections.

Monitoring, configuration and software updates can be carried out remotely from the control room or command centre, and the electronics come with multiple inputs and outputs that allow for the integration of surveillance and control systems; CCTV, alarms etc.