Multi-Contact, the international connector manufacturer, has launched a new multipole connector. The new system in the Powerline series features top performance and safety for mining, marine and railway applications.

The new development was inspired by Räthische Bahn. The Swiss rail transport company was looking for a technical solution for electrical connections between the carriages that met all of their requirements. The search led to a partnership with Multi-Contact.

The result is a connector with 32 signal pins and an eight-pole bus connection. The design features a solid handle and sturdy, powder-coated aluminum housing.

"Our aim was to produce a system that was extremely durable yet easy to handle," says Michel Schmitt, business development manager for railway markets at Multi-Contact.

The best example of this is the easy-to-use handle, which can even withstand hammer blows without damage. The cover on the contact side ensures that the system is reliably sealed.

The MULTILAM contact elements guarantee reliable contact, even in inclement weather conditions and when subject to strong vibrations. Despite this, the insertion force required remains low. A special safety cap also keeps snow and sand from penetrating into the housing, even under extreme conditions. The sealed connector complies with safety class IP65.

The plug side of the coupling is flange-mounted and inclined at an angle of 15° to reduce the mechanical load on the coupling cable. The system is designed to cope with rated voltages of up to 1,000V.

Michel Schmitt adds: "Depending on the customer requirements, our new plug connectors can be precisely fitted with different contacts based on the application in question."

The new connector is particularly relevant for companies in the transport and processing chain, such as tippers and trolleys or grinding machines, sorting and washing systems. The new connector is also designed for container and port logistics, as well as applications in the mining industry.

It is a true all-rounder that is durable enough for use in extreme conditions and reliably resistant to impact and dust, above ground and underground.

For more information, please contact Multi-Contact.