Moscow's Aeroexpress

COMLAB has won a call for tenders issued by Stadler Rail to equip 25 double-decker trainsets for Moscow’s Aeroexpress.

The transport capacity of the lines from Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo und Vnukovo to Moscow is up to 158 million passengers a year. A total of 16 four-car and nine six-car trainsets will run on this line.

The new trains will run at up to 160 km/h. COMLAB will install special antennas and multiband repeaters to allow good mobile device operation, which avoids the connectivity problems that passengers often experience in trains.

COMLAB in-train repeaters amplify the radio signals and transmit these in a bundled way via an antenna to the closest mobile radio masts. This enables passengers to make telephone calls and use the internet despite the train’s strong schielding effect. The repeaters are built for effortless remote control by the configuration and sperations software (COS) from COMLAB.

The Stadler Rail Group is the largest Swiss railway vehicle builder. We were pleased with this additional order, in which we equipped the well-known Swiss KISS vehicles with COMLAB repeaters and guaranteed a seamless radio link for the Russian and international passengers on the busy line.

For more information, please contact COMLAB.